Perforated Metal

The Characteristic of Perforated Metal:
    Can be readily formed
    Exact size
    Can be painted or polished
    Superior abrasion resisrance
    Easy lnstculation
    Attractive appearance
    Wide range ofthickness available
    Multl selecion ofhole size and forrn made
    Uniform sound abafement
    Light woight
    Excellent wear life and durable

Perforated material has many potential uses in industry as well as in architects and design areas because of its practical and aesthetic features.
Using advanced computer systems and our capabilities in bending, cutting and painting, We can produce a complete solution for you, e.g. your company LOGO, a picture ,a chair, a bench, a lamp, using perforation in the design increases the aesthetic element of your product.
Tile perforated products are made as component for the demanding medical field,including laboratory equipment like sterilizer racks and test tube holders. Filtration
The perforated products are used in tile screening of coal,gravel and ore,in the shifiing and separation of food products and medical material,fine chemicals and oil.
Noise control
We make specialized panels and components for sound baffles engineered to exact tolerances,which are used to control noise in public,professional and technological spaces.

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